About us

György Horváth and Sándor Angyalosi founded Kanizsa Kárpit Ltd in 1997. Initially, this small manufactory operated with 15-20 people in Magyar Street. D’alto brand quickly became known in the market and we produced more sets with more and more workers every year. We currently work with 60-70 people and serve our retailer! Our main partner is the KIKA store chain both at home and abroad!

Thanks to the continuous development, the product range is always renewing, the growing international markets and the support of the European Union, we have been manufacturing our furniture in the Nagykanizsa Industrial Park since 2012, in a factory which meets the expectations of the modern age. The new plant has given a new impetus to the new environment, as it provides a much more comfortable place in a much larger location with a large warehouse, a showroom and a spacious kitchen with a dining area. (See gallery)

We are a reliable, flexible company. We try to serve our partners with a wide selection of fabrics and short deadlines. We also transport the furniture with our own trucks (see gallery).

Our main goal is to make the customer satisfied with our furniture through our retailers! To this end, we will endeavor to solve any warranty issue that occur immediately.

We would like to take advantage of the opportunities and subsidies in order to simplify the production process as much as possible, even with new tailoring machines and sewing machines.

D’alto brand means relaxing comfort for everyone.