Sets and their corners


It brings the world of Oriental culture in to your home with its graceful lines, riveted armrests and huge sizes. Orderable with a guest bed function.....


We recommend the Jamaica set for those who like traditional things. Ideal for big family conversations, but once you sit in you do not want to get out of it so comfortable....

Liza Comfort

A true classic, the adornment of your living room. For those who really like to lounging, Liza is the best choice. Double suspension provides great comfort and you can build each element into any shape and size you want.


This furniture is the modern brother of the Welsh set. Our development in 2014, but with its interesting lines, is already a great success, mainly due to its low seat height, a favorite of young people.

Pacific 12

This corner is part of the successful Pacific family. Play with colors and materials. An example of how we can combine within a piece of furniture! Practical for small apartments due to its pullout guest bed and large bed linen holder.

Pacific 2

The Pacific set is one of our most successful products! Perhaps its success lies in combining both modern and classic styles. Its simple elaboration, beautiful embroidery and small footprint make it a favorite of many...

Pacific Comfort

This is an even more comfortable set of the Pacific family. You can also assemble this furniture individually and as much as you want! And the real comfort in the seat is provided by the double suspension.

Robi fotel

We recommend the Robi armchair for offices, meeting rooms, cafes and waiting rooms in single and double versions.


It can be a practical piece for offices, waiting rooms and small apartments. The triple element has a bed function and a bed linen holder!


The Thomas set is a practical piece of small rooms, living rooms, offices, waiting rooms. Simple clean shape, sophisticated workmanship, riveting and the bed function and bed linen hidden in the triple sofa make it so big compared to its small size.


Our company's flagship! Captivating, stunning, all its lines are perfect: the features of oriental culture, riveted armrests, and its large size have made the number one piece of furniture of Kanizsa Kárpit Ltd.! Love at first sight...