Corner furniture


This modern lined furniture is practical in small apartments. Available with guest bed and bedlinen holder!


A real modern set that you bring to your home with Alaska. With its clean lines, it is a favorite of modern rooms!


The roof is a level of comfort, as the combination of wave and Bonnell springs in the seat structure ensures good comfort! With its variable armrest selection, we can conjure up 3 types of furniture into the living room....


He is a respectable leader, he loves big spaces! The combined use of a wave and a Bonnell spring provides a comfortable rest in this furniture. The design of a special corner element makes it unique among the furniture. By fitting an interestingly shaped multifunctional seat, we get a reclining surface! The seat adjusted with a desk board can be used as a table!


This small, space-saving furniture with a modern line is practical in small apartments. Available with guest bed and linen holder!


Watch a movie like you might never have before. Hide with your sweetheart or gather the family next to you and watch a wonderful movie together. Your Ibiza corner furniture is an ideal opportunity for "Hollywood" experiences. When a guest arrives, you do not have to be afraid either, because you can choose the one that suits you from several types of bed functions!


An improved corner version of the highly successful Zanzibar sofa. Its special drop-shaped arm pads and large guest bed make it special and unique.... .