Beds, sofas

Big King

This stunning sofa is a member of the Big family. Comfortable seating area with bed function and bedlinen holder...


It impresses not only with its size but also with its comfort. Impressive piece to which bedlinen holder and guest bed function can be ordered. It fills the whole room when it's open! A comfortable lounging place for the whole family.


When you get home tired, the Flora sofa provides a comfortable rest. Taking off her pillows, it is an ideal resting place for one person. On cold winter evenings, is good to snack in and sip mulled wine by a cozy fireplace. This is Flora...


The Geneva armchair and two-seater sofa are the big brothers of the Robi armchair! We also recommend it for offices, meeting rooms, cafes, waiting rooms.


Simplicity and practicality are the hallmarks of this sofa that is also suitable for everyday sleep. Its huge linen holder is a great help in packing.


Do you often host relatives? Need another double bed, but you do not have enough space? The Lyon sofa promises extra sizes!

Wales franciaágy és heverő

A member of the Wales family, this is a simple quality luxury bed. It is available in several sizes and with beds of different hardness. If you want a good night’s sleep, this is a good choice...

Zanzibár kanapé

The Zanzibar sofa is one of our most popular models! Simple shape for easy operation. The big advantage is that when it has opened it has the size of a double bed suitable for everyday sleep with a large bed linen holder.